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Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Little Space Doggy

This has been an eventful week for Emma. On Tuesday, she had her 3rd obedience class. Again, she did well at all the exercises that the trainer was teaching us. Last class, the trainer told us to bring hotdogs or something instead of the treats we had because Emma gets very distracted by the other dogs... she wants to play, play, play! It did work better this week with the hotdogs. Not as much distraction from the other dogs.

One part of each class is "play time". During playtime we allow the dogs to get close to each other and sniff and play... and when the trainer tells us to, we call our dog and if they come, they get a reward. The funny thing is that Emma is the only dog that really wants to play. The rest of the dogs are just sniffing around to see if anyone dropped a treat!

Today, Emma was spayed. We took her in last night and boy was it hard for me to leave her. She cried so loudly and it broke my heart. When we came to pick her up today, she was very groggy, but she definitely had this "get me outta here!" look and pulled us all the way to our car. We had to put a cone on her to keep her from licking her wound (hence the title of this blog!) She seems to be doing OK other than the drugged look.

here's a pic:


Anonymous said...

Oh Ter... poor Emma :( She does look pretty drugged up there!!

Give her lots of love... tomorrow she'll probably be chewing your hands off again :)


Jen Sue Wild said...

Poor Emma....
She is so stinken cute Teri. I just hope she is better soon.
Hugs to both of you.

Kimberlee said...

ah, poor pup

Cute about obedience class

Anonymous said...

Ter... I sign as anonymous because I am too lazy to fill in all the fields required for signing on as a google member.

LOL :)

ps.. I beat you to blogging again today!