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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

another puppy class!

Today was puppy class. There is only one class left of the puppy level after this. I'm not sure when the next level starts. Today, we just mostly reviewed everything and took things a little further (as in having the dogs sit a little longer, stay a little longer). Emma was pretty good today, still gets excited about seeing other dogs and barks at them, but thank goodness she didn't bark all through class like she did the first class. Each class she seems to bark less and focus a little bit more on the lesson at hand.

The classes poop her out. She comes home and immediately goes to sleep. I hope that she will soon be able to do all these things without yummy treats!

And speaking of being pooped out, I'm so exhausted. It's not even 9 pm and I'm considering to go to bed!

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Jen Sue Wild said...

I am so glad that puppy class was better this week. no mean boys to taunt Emma.